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 Dark The Hedgehog, The Ultimate Savior

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PostSubject: Dark The Hedgehog, The Ultimate Savior   Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:28 pm

Name: Dark/Light The Hedgehog


The Ultimate Power

Gender: Male




Personality: Dark/Light is just as cold & distant as his brother Shadow but he is a little friendlier then Shadow. He also has a soft spot for beautiful women. However, unlike Shadow & Sonic, he isn't cocky. He is open to the fact that he might lose but he still gives it his all in a fight.


Carnage Blast: Sends out a huge shock-wave Carnage Energy to make a huge explosion

Carnage Control: Allows the user to travel at twice the speeds they usually travel

Carnage Power: Powers up the person so they have twice the power & strength

Carnage Spear: Sends out spears made from Carnage Energy at the target or targets

Carnage Shield: Forms a Black Shield made of Carnage Energy around Dark that protects him from most attacks

Carnage Gun: Dark/Light puts his hand in the shape of a gun, gathers Carnage Energy into his pointer/index finger & shoots the energy at the target

Carnage Heal: By sending Carnage Energy through his body, Dark/Light can heal his wounds & fatigue

Carnage Time & Space: Gives Dark/Light the ability to travel through time

Has an ability that changes the color of his fur depending on his alignment.

History/Background Story: Not much is known about Dark/Light because their isn't much to know about. He is the unknown brother of Shadow & he has recently woken up from a deep sleep. He doesn't much memories except he knows he was created to destroy the planet. However, he also contains a deep hatred for both Sonic & Shadow cause they are going to try & stop him from destroying the Earth.

Animal/Human: Hedgehog

Special Note: Has a Special Black Emerald that is simply known as a Carnage Emerald.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark The Hedgehog, The Ultimate Savior   Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:30 pm

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Dark The Hedgehog, The Ultimate Savior
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