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 Ever been chased by an orca??

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PostSubject: Ever been chased by an orca??   Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:50 am

Sonic was running along the beach, trying to find something important. It was a new base Eggman had built somewhere within this place. Something about a new kind of robot that could defeat Sonic. Sonic knew this would probably not work but it was good to destroy the plans before the robot could be built. But there was this sinking feeling of doom in his head, and even the set of loopty loops he had just ran through didn't clear it. Something just wasn't right. Sonic hated this feeling.
Sonic rounded a corner and could faintly see an orca's fin. Uh oh. Last time that was seen he ended up getting chased. He smirked. It was fun though.
''Maybe I'll catch another ride on it. That could take me somewhere.'' He said aloud and ran yet another loopty loop. He seemed to be a blue blur.
He never noticed the small red sensor on the orca's fin.

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Ever been chased by an orca??
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